Quiptree - Browser Extension to Display Quip Folders and Files in Tree Format

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Quip allows you to create files and collaborate with you coworkers to take notes or build some documentation.

We love Quip at Instacart but it’s not so easy to browse folders and files.

So I build my first browser extension: Quiptree.

Quiptree is a browser extension to display Quip folders and files in tree format.

It’s largely inspired by Octotree.


Quiptree v1.0.0

  • Easy-to-navigate folders and files like IDEs
  • Fast browsing
  • Support private Quip domains
  • Customizable hotkey

Available now on

Firefox & Safari

I’m having a hard time to get it works in Firefox and Safari cause XMLHttpRequest and CORS.

You can build Quiptree for Firefox or Safari and open a pull request if you get it fix and works correctly.