Migration From WordPress to Octopress

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Yes i did it !

It was a long time that i was looking for another solution for hosting this blog.

This blog is now running with Octopress (Based on Jekyll Engine), and still powered by Nginx.

The current Theme is called OctoPanel.

Why ?

  • Wordpress was good for many years to me but too heavy/too much features i did’nt need.

  • It was a lot of pain to integrate snippet of code in Wordpress. (Even with plugin helpers).

  • I did’nt need an instance of database running for only few articles.

  • I did’nt need a GUI with a WISIWYG editor, i’m coding every days and it’s faster for me to write in Mardown syntax.

Cool things to know about the migration

  • I migrated my old articles via a wordpress plugin called wordpress-to-jekyll-exporter. (This plugin is generated all articles in Markdown syntax. (This is not perfect but it helps)).

  • Links to my articles are still the same. (Permalinks saved). So no deferencement with Google.

  • I transfered all the locals images imported in Wordpress since 2 years in a new local assets folder and remodify images links in articles.

  • All the comments are saved ‘cause i used to save my comments with Disqus. Just to put the disqus_thread_id in each post and you are done !

  • Google analytics is up. Just put my google analytics account id in the Octopress config file.

  • Share buttons are up. Just activated them in the Octopress config file.

  • Tags & categories are saved too. But i did’nt find so far how to display them in the list layout.

  • I tried to integrate Font Awesome but i failed. I will figure out later.